X3 Capital becomes Funds Tower


Experience, put into practice

Siden ideen opstod i 2012 har en lille gruppe skarpe finansprofiler med stigende intensitet arbejdet på at skabe en operationel, skalerbar implementering af en helt unik investeringsstrategi. Under navnet X3 Capital har vi researchet, diskuteret, afprøvet og forfinet et sæt principper til maksimering af sikkerhed og afkast i investeringer. De er forankret i en avanceret algoritme – en opskrift på hvordan man, for enhver given investering, sikrer det højest mulige afkast og den størst mulige tryghed. 

Besides being a development process, this period has also been a test phase. The technology has regularly been through trial runs using real market data, and the results have been compared with the actual movements of the financial markets. In the later part of the period, we have had an eight-figure sum under management using the algorithm and shown remarkable results, compared to what would have been the outcome if the funds had been managed using common recommendations. During the same time we have made our buy and sell recommendations available through an email subscription service. 


Enter a new brand

This entire process has been directed at the goal of making this investment strategy available to the market. The time to do so has now come, and the project has been given its official name: Funds Tower

The tower represents security, in the vein of the classic knight's castle keep, in which the treasure room would often be found, but which also provided an outlook over the terrain and towards the horizons. It stands for taking care of security, the safekeeping of one's valuables, and keeping a sharp view of what goes on in the world around you. At the same time, the image of the tower also speaks to the towers of the modern world, the skyscrapers in the financial hubs around the world, reaching towards the sky. 

Getting from an idea to a market-ready business has been a thorough process. You can read more about it here on the website, which also gives you an idea about what Funds Tower is, and how we may contribute to your investments. Going forward we will also be sharing knowledge, tips, and stories from the world of finance here on the blog. You are, of course, welcome to contact us - click here!