Tradition And Innovation


A business with traditions

Investment is an area which, like the rest of the world of finance, has strong, often deep traditions. At the business level as well as the political and cultural level, the sector tends to be keenly aware of its deep historical roots, and of the influential role it has played during all this time.

These traditions rest on experience with a considerable cohesion across more than 4000 years of world history. Few other businesses are able to see each generation's activities as closely tied to the previous ones as the world of finance, where money flows - and therefore the activities tied to them - are traceable far back in time.

This collective experience constitutes an extensive framework which is considered reliable, and which, through the ages, has dictated how to advise and behave in the sector at large.

Altered circumstances

Today the world is digital, and this affects every sector - including the world of finance and investment. Technology makes it possible to track money flows even at minute time scales. This provides access to a very large quantity of very precise data. This data pool constitutes a raw material which, using the right tools, can be turned into a foundation of previously unavailable knowledge that has the power to change how the accustomed framework is perceived.

Again and again it turns out that commonly held assumptions in the business cannot withstand the encounter with an analysis based on actual data.

From the known to the new

Making a change from the known to the new takes good arguments, not least when one is responsible before customers who have left their fortune in one's care. The financial sector is used to relating to numbers, however, and it is known that the bottom line is what counts at the end of the day.

This is a world where data and data analysis has a natural home. It is therefore also natural that the advent of digitalization and increasing technical capabilities brings about change. The only question is how soon - or late - you decide to follow suit.