Portfolio across exchanges


Global access to stocks

Good stock investment is obviously about placing money in the assets which provide the best possible profit, while at the same time being aligned with the wishes of the investor in terms of risk and time frame. Typically, an investor will have a number of additional preferences such as geography, business sector and size and so on.

As the world has become increasingly digital it has become possible, in addition to these parameters, to have access to the market globally. With that naturally comes a desire to have the best stocks in the world in one's portfolio.


It does not have to be manual

In short, optimizing a portfolio against all the available options can be complex. Particularly when going across different exchanges this becomes a non-trivial manual task.

Fulfilling the ambition of having the world's best assets - within the given conditions - in the portfolio basically requires maintaining a number of portfolios at a number of exchanges. The process of comparing across these, and making sure the assets in the portfolio are, in fact, the strongest ones, has to be done "by hand", with all that requires in terms of knowledge and skills.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could have a portfolio across exchanges?

A consolidated portfolio across exchanges is exactly what Funds Tower will be launching in the fall of 2020. We call it POWER Solution.


Dynamically choosing the world's best

With the Tower Algorithm as the engine we have built and tested a system over the past eight years which enable investors to assemble stock portfolios across all the exchanges from which we receive closing rates. At launch we will be offering the leading exchanges, expanding our offering to include all significant exchanges over the course of 2021. Shortly, we will cover the entire world.

Our system executes an analysis based on the choice of exchanges, industries and CAP sizes, and reports performance and buy and sell signals for the entire portfolio in a single output.

Backed by strong financial profiles we have chosen to launch this solution in collaboration with select institutional investors and traders, presenting a collective effort to create better results in the investment world. As an investor you may look forward to getting access to the possibilities of POWER Solutions through these partners. You will find that the results are astonishingly good!

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