Personal information and cookies

Personal information and cookies

Personal information

As controller, Funds Tower is obliged to protect your personal information, and we endeavor to make you feel confident in our treatment of this information. Any personal information about you is handled in accordance with the present policy, as well as current legal regulations.

Personal information and the use thereof

Funds Tower may collect the following:

  • Navn, telefonnummer og email

We only gather such information as are strictly necessary to deliver buy and sell recommendations to you, and provide you with relevant market information.

Additionally there may be information gathered via cookies and IP address. This information serves to enhance our understanding of you and other users of our services. This includes, but is not limited to, statistical analyses for the purpose of improving our services and technology.

In our cookie policy, found below, you can read more about the use of cookies on our website, which cookies are set, and for what purpose.

By signing up to Funds Tower the user accepts that Funds Tower will send information about buy and sell signals, ongoing portfolio overviews, market updates and any information regarding customer arrangements. Funds Tower does not share data or information with neither commercial or non-commercial partners. Information is sent directly to the user's email an/or mobile phone number.

Passing of information

under certain conditions we may pass on information that we possess about you, if this is required and requested according to a court ruling or current law.

Protection of personal information

We take security measures to protect your information against manipulation, loss, destruction, and to prevent any unwarranted access. It is not presently possible to establish a 100 percent secure situation, and thus we cannot completely guarantee that the information is safe from parties who may succeed in circumventing security precautions and gain access to the information. As such, your information is given at your own discretion.

Updates, deletion and modification of your information

If you want access to the information Funds Tower keeps about you, you may contact us at

By law you are entitled to be told which information we have on you. If this information is found to be incorrect or misleading you have the right to request that we correct, block or delete this information. Additionally, you are free to object to your information being subject to further processing by us.

How long is your information kept?

Your data is deleted one month after termination of your agreement with Funds Tower.


It will be necessary to continually update and change this policy. Funds Tower retains the right to carry out such mandatory changes. In case of significant changes we will inform you via this website and/or email. At any time the current version of this policy can be found as part of our general terms and conditions as available on The date below shows when the policy was last updated.

Revideret den 1. juli 2019


We use cookies on this website in order to optimize and improve your experience. bruger Google Analytics til tracking og webstatistik. Vi indsamler udelukkende anonyme oplysninger om anvendelse af vores tjenester og besøg på vores hjemmeside til statistiske formål. Det er fx antal besøg på forskellige sider, og fra hvilket land, dette for at forbedre vores tjenester.

Rejection of cookies

You may always reject our cookies on your computer by changing the settings in your browser. Where to do this depends on which browser you use. Be advised that blocking cookies may affect functionality and services on the website.

Deletion of cookies

Cookies you have previously accepted may be deleted. If you are using a PC and a recent browser you can delete your cookies with the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + Delete. Other methods may be needed, depending on you browser and operating system.

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