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Institutional, Traders and Funds

The needs of our customers can be divided into three overall categories.

There are those who make a living handling assets from many stakeholders in one pool, those who focus on the transaction itself, and finally those managing wealth as a fund. 

Regardless of which category your business falls into, or whether it operates across more than one of them, we are able to help you. 

Wealth Management

Customer type

Pension funds
Investment Associations
Funds brokers


Result Maximization
Risk Management
Customer Retention

Businesses in the institutional market will typically put together a selection of stock portfolios and offer them to their customers. These portfolios are differentiated by market geography, industries and stock sizes, in order to accommodate different the interests and investment focus of different customer groups. 

Trading Assets

Customer type

Trading Platforms


Market Flexibility
Result Maximization
Signal Accuracy
Signal Volume

For those in the business of delivering buy and sell signals to their customers, everything hinges on the quality of the signals. Even though the sum of the signals is obviously crucial, the quality of the individual signal is proportionally more important to businesses based on the transactions themselves. 

Fund Management

Customer type

National Exchange Funds
International Exchange Funds


Result Maximization
Risk Management
Trading Freedom

The nature of a fund as one big financial instrument means that the fund manager will typically want to monitor a larger, national or international market segment, with the aim of isolating the few assets which will generate optimal return on the fund. The track record is the primary paramenter for attacting new customers.

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