Funds Tower secures funding


An important milestone

After a period of development and thorough business preparation we are happy to announce that we have reached an important milestone: In mid-february we signed the company documents, marking the closing of our funding round!

This is one of those watershed moments worth opening a bottle of champagne for, so we did, and lifted our glasses to wish each other an exciting journey as we set forth to execute on the potential of this project.

Owners and board

It is a matter of considerable pride for us that we have earned the trust of this group of business profiles, a trust expressed in their commitment to our future together, and by a valuation of well over one-and-a-half million Euros. Please allow us to introduce the people who have joined us in building Funds Tower and changing the investment game.

Ejergruppen udgøres, sammen med founders Thomas Saxe og Torben Villumsen, af en række erfarne erhvervsfolk og investorer: Niels Svenningsen, owner of Svenningsen Holding A/S, and Benny Svenningsen, CEO of Nomaco A/S Steven Christensen, senior financial consultant, Mangaard & Partners – Bjarne Henning Jensen, CEO, Energy and Cleantech - samt Henrik Mikkelsen, founcer and CEO of GEMINI A/S. Also part of the group is theView

The company is backed up by a strong board of directors: Claus Rhein-Knudsen, former CEO of Banque Internationale de Luxembourg Denmark and independent financial advisor - John Norden of Norden CEF, certified advisor of Nasdaq First North and former CEO of MyBanker, Autocom and Autonorden A/S - Klaus Buhl, former director of Saxo Bank Global International Business, former senior VP of SEB, and founder and MD of Monata Consulting - and chairman Jakob Krarup, CEO i theView.

Funds Tower moves forward

The strategy for growing the business and gaining access to the market were already prepared, of course, so immediately upon signing the papers we proceeded with the execution of the plans, moving forward to live up to the trust of our backers and partners, realise the Funds Tower potential, and change the investment industry as we know it!