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  • An innovative algorithm analyses the exchange data

  • You receive long-term portfolio recommendation and trading signals

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Funds Tower provides freedom to make the best investments. Select what to monitor across exchanges, business sectors and CAP sizes, and receive consolidated buy and sell signals, as well as specific information about the trend of each stock. 



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Development over time

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Investment over time

Find The Few Winners

Using our services it is possible to identify the relatively few stocks that generate most of the value growth, and ensure that these assets are included in the portfolio for any given market selection. 

As a professional actor in the world of finance, Funds Tower gives you the freedom to recommend or select the best investments for your company and its customers - a task that usually requires a deep market understanding, a lot of time, an extensive database and considerable computational power.

To carry out this task we have, over a period of several years, developed our innovative Tower Algorithm. Based on a well-known strategy, the algorithm analyzes trading closing rates, and is capable of distinguishing between regular market fluctuations and the trends which point to the strength in the market. 

Today, the Tower Algorithm is implemented in professional Funds Services, allowing institutional investors, funds and traders to make investments reflecting their market focus, with a constant optimization towards greatest return at the lowest risk.

The concept

Freedom To Choose

You select instruments across exchanges, business sectors and CAP sizes. Monitoring of the stocks in your selection also happens across exchanges. From the selected investment universe Funds Tower delivers a consolidated portfolio as well as buy and sell signals. On an ongoing basis you receive a dynamic performance calculation for the portfolio and a trend overview for stocks outside the portfolio.

Who is behind it

The Company

There is a lot of experience in and around Funds Tower. See who we are and learn about the principles underpinning the company. 

Performance vs. index

Funds Tower Live Portfolios

We continually monitor a number of the most professionally popular portfolios in the financial markets. As our customer you may choose to receive trade signals for one or more of these, or to put together your own monitoring portfolio. 

Large International

Nasdaq, Frankfurt, London and Hong Kong

Large and Mega CAP size
≈ 600 stocks
Index adjusted to USD


NYSE and Nasdaq

Large and Mega CAP size
≈ 700 stocks 
Index adjusted to USD

The Nordics

Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen

Mid, Large and Mega CAP size
≈ 200 stocks
Index adjusted to USD



Small, Mid, Large and Mega CAP size
≈ 60 aktier
Index in local currency (DKK)

Other exchanges and market segments

Conditions for live portfolios

The optimal Funds Tower portfolio contains 20 different stocks with the investment equally distributed among them. The portfolios displayed here are stocks only and include all business sectors and industries. All portfolios are initiated on january 1st 2015 and are updated weekly. 

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